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Since 1997, OT Engineering, under the presidency of Mr. Todesco, has built a reputation for its expertise in general construction, civil engineering and engineering structures.

Our services in the United States.


Fiber Optic Network Construction: highly qualified french technicians will train local teams to deploy state-of-the-art fiber optic networks.

Leadership in fiber network construction

We collaborate with European leaders in the construction of fiber optic networks, utilizing innovative underground technologies to develop advanced solutions.

Innovative micro-trench network deployment

To enhance our presence in the USA, we are collaborating with industry leaders to promote cost-effective and efficient micro-trenching techniques.

20-year technology partnership

For over 20 years, we have collaborated with leading industry players, utilizing advanced technologies for network construction.

A trusted partnership for U.S. expansion

Building on this longstanding collaboration, we have been asked to support our industry partners in their expansion into the USA.


Our innovative approach includes the CleanFast system, developed by TESMEC USA, which revolutionizes the efficiency and environmental impact of network installations.


For over 25 years, COMERGY Entreprises has been providing digital and energy services throughout France and abroad.

Civil engineering

Digital networks

Engineering structures in industrial environments

Sales turnover in 2023

Years of expertise

Miles of digital networks built


Let’s introduce our group

COMERGY Entreprises is structured around 9 expert and complementary companies :

Engineering and design

R&D and Services

Underground network construction

Pulling and connecting fiber optics

Construction of foundation blocks

Installation of photovoltaic power plants

Network operator

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